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Paradoxical High Unemployment and Qualified Candidate Shortage

Of course, each industry has been affected differently by the recession and the unemployment rate is not uniform along them

Even with the Labor Department's announcement of over 163,000 jobs being added to payrolls in July, which is a very small step in the right direction, there is a high unemployment rate, and paradoxically, a qualified candidate shortage. Even with more than eight percent of the labor force being unemployed, and almost double that being underemployed, large companies still have trouble finding quality candidates for their open positions.

Of course, each industry has been affected differently by the recession and the unemployment rate is not uniform along them. But, overall, most large companies in the fields of technology, medicine, retail, entertainment, finance, and insurance are having difficulty finding qualified candidates to fill job openings. The lack of quality talent leads to job openings not being filled for an extensive period of time and therefore greater losses for the companies.

In order for companies to stay ahead of the competition, in their respective industries, they must continue to innovate, especially in their hiring process. Just like candidates looking for jobs must diversify their search, companies too have to adapt to the changes in the recruitment process and use unique approaches to find the ideal candidates.

1. Companies should enlist several online staffing marketplaces (like that use technology and social networking to help companies find quality talent cost and time effectively. Instead of spending time and money trying to find and recruit candidates, companies can enlist staffing marketplaces to do the job for them. Companies like SkillGalaxy will completely streamline the hiring process, provide a wide array of qualified candidates, connect with recruiters, and oversee the payment process to those candidates that are hired permanently or as a contractor. With the help of online staffing marketplaces the companies won't need to worry about the logistics of hiring and recruiting, and instead will be able to focus on their holistic goals.

2. Look in new places for new people. Companies can take advantage of the globalized markets and look for employees from around the world. With SkillGalaxy, companies can access candidates, suppliers, and recruiters in various regions of the world, giving them a higher chance of finding the perfect candidate. Furthermore, access to global locations allows for the company to make useful business connections easily.

3. Consolidate. Using a service that allows companies to procure and manage contractors, engage with recruiters in order to find permanent candidates, and post jobs to applicants while connecting employers to a large supplier community allows consolidation of recruitment. When companies consolidate their recruitment tactics and efforts through one service, like, the whole process is more streamlined and effective, and reduces the cost and time spent looking for quality candidates.

4. Networking can also help companies find the perfect candidates for their job openings. Whether it's through staffing marketplaces like SkillGalaxy, where they will have access to a large network of staffing companies, consulting firms, and independent professional recruiters across the U.S. or a plethora of candidates with skills in a variety of desired fields. Or companies can also find talent through job fairs and targeted recruiting, where recruiters form the company engage the job seekers directly. This could be more cost and time consuming but also effective.

Although the general unemployment rate is still high, many industries still have job availabilities that can be filled through innovative recruiting and websites like These basic, yet essential, suggestions offer creative solutions to the paradoxical problem of high unemployment and a shortage of qualified candidates. Companies in need of quality talent should enlist the help of online staffing marketplaces and recruiters, look into various fields of employment, consolidate their recruitment efforts, and network!

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After 5 years working in HR and Recruiting, Melinda Cline now works for SkillGalaxy, a company that allows employers to procure and manage contractors, engage recruiters to find permanent candidates and post jobs to applicants while connecting employers to a large supplier community.